Saturday, May 23, 2020

Communitarian conservatives? 1832 Reform Act follow on? Universal Basic Income, obviously.

The Spectator published this letter recently as the groundswell for an universal, unconditional Basic Income grows ever stronger.   Maybe Basic Income a.k.a: Citizen's Income/Citizen's Royalty will be introduced as the Covid-19 economic outcomes  bite really fiercely. When millions of citizens find themselves having fallen outside the safety net of the patchy monetary and fiscal support schemes. It would start to address the contrasts of income, wealth and ways of life that the current crisis  is starkly showing up. 

Letter 2 May 2020:  
The leading article ( The case for trust,25 April) tells that The Spectator was fighting for the extension of the franchise prior to the 1832 Reform Act. Is it open to a modern battle at an opportune time to empower many more? Universal Basic Income is surely an idea whose time has come. Under Covid-19, the  government on the one hand is pouring patchy financial support into some businesses through a hotchpotch of measures, while Universal Credit has been shown that it is an inadequate personal welfare idea even in high employment time. In certain ways, UBI would address both these issues rather better by giving  financial backstop to every individual in the new unknown post Covid-19 'normal'.

James Forsyth ( The communitarian Conservatives', 18 April) quotes Rishi Sunak : 'the simple idea that we depend on each other'. The Citizen's Income Trust has done much research and has careful proposals to make UBI affordable and workable. In the times of high unemployment likely to be ahead, Conservatives could catch trending communitarianism by helping individuals and families directly. The time is ripe for a new empowering of citizens.
Charles Bazlinton. 

Empowering individuals and families the  way of Basic Income was mooted by labour at the last election. For the Tory- leaning Spectator to publish a letter on the  subject is interesting. Bi-partisan support?

The Basic Income idea is a theme of  the book : The Free Lunch - Fairness with Freedom. But safeguards are needed in its implementation. 
Posted by Charles Bazlinton.
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