Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Another Tory policy? Basic Income (without Government Debt)

Shock! Horror! The Tories have stolen Labour's public spending policies. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has started to undo the austerity that his own party imposed for a decade which, as Headley Stone  wrote (FT letter 15 Feb) 'has brought the UK's public services to its knees' . 

Commenting on the budget in the FT on 11 March,  Martin Wolf wrote: 'It makes sense for the government to borrow to spend, especially on investment. I have been arguing this for a decade. The decision to cut investment right after the financial crisis was a classic bit of Treasury idiocy. Now ...with employment high longer the ideal time....But it is still a risk worth running provided the money is well spent which one has to doubt, given the hurry.' 

What is it about our party politics that had George Osborne, a Tory chancellor imposing harsh measures for a long time to the detriment of the common good and now has a successor from the very same party determined to undo it?  Left-leaning polices have now become the centre ground but have been cleverly captured by the politicians of the old right. At long last, new enabling fiscal policy that for so long has been proscribed, will be relaxed, but if Mr Wolf is right not with the best timing.  Incidentally the investment will benefit bankers and large funds as the money will be borrowed from them. It need not be that way, as sovereign governments can create money debt free.      

The huge impact of Covid-19 on the economy and on households will surely need 'helicopter money' for every citizen and the news is that President Trump is planning to 'send out cheques to every American within two weeks' to achieve a boost. There are people calling for such a measure in the UK. A UK petition is running with an ambitious plan to set a basic income at £1000 per month, sign here: Basic Income .   This: QE for the People  explains how it would work without raising new government debt.  

What may well be started as an emergency measure to plug depleting household budgets by a free handout, needs to become a standard fact of life for every citizen. Everyone needs sheltering from the whirlwind caused by Covid-19 and the usual rollercoaster of flip-flopping politicians who play with our livelihoods through shortsighted policies.     

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