Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Should money creation stay in private hands? Werner asks.

A short incisive paper on perhaps this most important question of the current financial crisis is to be found as follows: Go to the Danish Institute of International Studies page CLICK LINK and scroll to the bottom right; find 'Richard Werner' and below that click on 'free download'.

The argument for monetary reform - where the private creation of money is banned - is authoritatively assembled. Download this paper and circulate it widely. It will provide an important push on the wheel to keep monetary reform moving onto the wider public agenda - but only if many people read it. The vested interests of the financial world are immensely powerful.

When you have read it, why not sign these No 10 Downing Street e-petitions?
1. On this topic of money creation CLICK LINK
2. On a practical example of government initiated money creation CLICK LINK

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