Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Richard Werner - credit creation as the solution to the crisis

Professor Richard Werner has a presentation on the website of the Danish Institute of International Studies: CLICK LINK then click on 'Richard Werner'. A presentation shows up.

He gives a clear run through of the background to credit creation. He shows how the current 'solutions' to the financial crisis are likely to fail and additionally burden taxpayers with debt for decades. He exposes the failure of conventional economics and shows how ignorance and vested interests prevent the adoption of techniques that would work to bring steady and sustainable growth.

This paper is packed full of concentrated Werner wisdom which is relatively easy to assimilate. This economist has been learning first hand about these these things for 20 years and he comes with a fresh view on economics that most establishment economists, central bankers,politicians and the media seem woefully ignorant of. Thus we are in danger of suffering for years more than we need.

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