Monday, November 13, 2006

Snooze cruise

The great British tradition of the booze cruise to France to buy up wine and beer at low European tax rates may be ending. The EU is about to rule on an interesting taxation anomaly: why shouldn't you as an internet buyer, enjoy the same tax bargain just by clicking on your screen? The French-based supplier would then pick up your order and make the trip and save you the bother. Snooze whilst the booze cruises to you! Green-friendly too, as each single large lorry would replace lots of cars. But would alcohol related problems increase?

This is a very interesting development in taxation. It would put the Chancellor of the Exchequer in a tizzy as the huge tax revenue gained from alcohol would be slashed, either from consumers ordering from France, or as the English tax levy has to be reduced to match the French one. It shows that in these times of globalisation governments have to be ever-watchful that business doesn't leak away to more tax-favourable countries.

All this is good news for those of us who see that a tax based on land value is fairer and inescapable too.
There are so many reasons why we should move to this saner system. Read The Free Lunch for more. Link:

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