Saturday, November 11, 2006

'The Great Tax Clawback Scam - 2'

Ricardo's Law by Fred Harrison (see last blog) is essential reading for anyone concerned that poverty doesn't reduce in our wealthy UK society (or any other society for that matter). He shows how health, as shown in death rates, is worst for those who have to rent a home and best for those who own their own home.
The current government's answer to poverty is tax-credits. But these have made life a misery for many who have been wrongly paid too much by official mistakes, have spent it and are then required to pay back the excess.

Harrison says that the poor one-third of us who are outside the land-wealth loop are an appalling testament to the faulty economics that our rulers continue to use. He illustrates from the history of ancient Rome how national decline was inevitable when the poor were robbed of their land.

If you want a fascinating, somewhat ominous, yet always hopeful insight into the economic scene that we are all inextricably tied up with, you must read this book. Ricardo's Law: isbn 085683241-3. £18.95 . From Amazon etc.

Let me have any interesting news detail that backs up the message of this book: CB.

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