Sunday, May 29, 2016

EU Referendum: Fairness & Freedom - that would really make a difference

George Osborne thinks house prices may drop from 10-18% in the two years after a referendum vote to Leave the EU on 23 June. Private Eye (16 May) had Cameron saying:
'There could be a World War'. Osborne: 'Or even worse, house prices might fall!' 

What is fascinating is the importance of soaring house prices to him. For his recent efforts in boosting them with the Help to Buy scheme, see this blog March 6 'The Idolatry of our House Prices' . If his views as to what strikes terror into the hearts of home-owners are politically accurate it says little of voters' feelings for aspiring buyers for whom dropping prices would help. Come on George aren't we 'all in this together'? Raise our sights and help us to think of other's needs!  But meanwhile let's nominate him as High Priest of the religion of house prices. No salvation for the renters - the good times and the 'free lunch' asset gains are not for you. 

Another person trying to scare us into voting Remain is the President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker. The Times reports  (May 21) that after a Brexit vote 'the UK...won't be handled gently'. At the same time he urged France to demand deeper EU integration. So in a double revelation he exposed his threatening attitude to Leavers in the UK and his aim for closer union in the EU, which David Cameron allegedly has had an 'opt out' from. Will Mr Juncker suddenly turn very accommodating on this if we vote Remain?

A word doing the rounds in the media describing a political trend is 'populism'. Philip Stephens in the FT 27 May 'The myth of Brussels (mis)rule'  writes a very reasonable account of how (thus far) the UK has run it own affairs in its own sweet way, so pay attention Leavers. And Remainers shouldn't exaggerate about 'war and pestilence' after Brexit. 

He blames demagogues like leading EU Leavers, Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen for using 'Take Back Control' as a 'marketing meme' because: 'it speaks to the populists' contempt for reason' . So Mr Stephens, anyone getting a little edgy that future closer union in the EU might lose UK sovereignty a little too much even with David Cameron's 'opt out', is guilty of 'contempt for reason'?  The extremism he accuses some Leavers of, is at least matched in this 'contempt'. I suppose even the best of us can show fleeting irrationality at times. 

The 'Fairness with Freedom' sought through this blog asks now of the EU debate : Will a vote for Leave or a vote for Remain, better bring fairness and freedom for the the individual, their family and their grouping? A Basic Income (aka: 'Citizen's Royalty') for every  citizen as of right is likely to be the best way to achieve this. The FT 27 May 'Money for nothing'  has a full page spread on the topic and nations looking seriously into it include Finland and Switzerland. Matthew Taylor of the UK's RSA is excited by the idea ('Universal Basic Income') see this report  by Anthony Painter and Chris Thoung. 

Let Leavers and Remainers become populists for Basic Income and maximise their causes for fairness and freedom which is at the heart of it all. Bring it on! 
Posted by Charles Bazlinton. Author THE FREE LUNCH - FAIRNESS WITH FREEDOM. 

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