Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The real QE stands up!

Quantitative Easing has come to the EU - or has it?
Was Japanese QE real QE?
Were US Fed QE and UK BoE QE, real QE?
If these were not QE what were they?
So what is true QE?
Click on the link below and watch the 8 minute YouTube interview of Prof Richard Werner by Nicole Bourbaki as he explains QE as a term which he coined in the 1990s and how it differs from the 'QE' that masquerades as the real thing. If you have only 20 seconds, go from 5m 53s to 6m 13s.

The video is readily understandable by non-financial people. Experts may have difficulty in grasping that their view of central bank options and policy over some years may have been somewhat lacking.
QUANTITATIVE EASING is not what you think - Richard Werner    

Explore the-free-lunch.blogspot, for more of Richard Werner's ideas. Also, see his simple explanation of banking which may surprise you in this series of short YouTube videos. 

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