Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hat trick from Vince Cable in Winchester Wed 6th March?

The latest UK bank lending figures to small  businesses are abysmally low. The special Bank of England / Government 'Funding For Lending' scheme launched last year, seemingly having achieved less than zilch in the last 2012 quarter - lending actually dropped. See Sky news.

ECOBATE 2013 in Winchester tomorrow awaits to see what Vince Cable, UK Business Minister, will pull out of his splendid hat that will trigger the flow of credit to that engine for a revival in economic growth - small businesses.  

The Secretary of State will be speaking at 6pm at the Winchester Guildhall and admission is free.  Earlier, from 1.30pm the theme is Local Community Banks and all sessions are free to the public. Register on arrival - just turn up.

More details on the previous blogpost.
posted by Charles Bazlinton. Book: The Free Lunch - Fairness with Freedom 

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