Friday, October 26, 2012

Ben Dyson on Radio 4 on Money Reform

The money reform message was this week into the UK national media through a short (15 min) radio slot on Wednesday by Ben Dyson founder of Positive Money. BBCRadio4 Four Thought series.  Spread it... 

Think about it. We are now 5 years past the Northern Rock bank run, firms have collapsed, jobs vanished, most of us are suffering declining income, low ranking bank staff have lost jobs but bonuses for bank bosses are only just being reigned in. Yet this is probably the first time that the BBC has permitted such a frank revelation of the existing money system, and how it has brought the chaos. 

Despite recent dark days, the BBC do so many things well, so that you might have thought that they would have been running a series for years on how money is made and what reforms are possible. Where is their sense of duty of education?  The intellectual understanding of the BBC about money reform has, maybe, just been stirred. But as it a sop or a series? 
posted by Charles Bazlinton: author The Free Lunch - Fairness with Freedom with a section on money creation 

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