Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A policy roar for Ed Miliband?

The Citizen's Income Trust (CIT) has just published its latest newsletter 2012-1 at
From the website: 
'One of the reasons for current interest in a Citizen’s Income and in benefits reform generally in UK is that at the moment there is little financial incentive to take a part-time job, even if that would fit with someone’s caring responsibilities. With a Citizen’s Income the situation changes considerably, to the advantage of the household’s income, carers’ ability to care for dependents, and the economy'.

Read more about the Trust's researches into various levels of the Citizen’s Income:
 'which is an unconditional, non-withdrawable income for every individual as a right of citizenship...
'Both of these schemes are revenue neutral, that is, the income tax rate won’t need to rise...

The CIT is a tireless promoter of this reform which any politician who wants to gain some leadership for positive thinking could surely dare to openly welcome? They say that Ed Miliband is struggling for a cause that would identify him as the originator of it, (apparently some of his ideas are being taken on by the Coalition and even acknowledged as theirs by voters).

Lord Glasman in the New Statesman (9 January 2012) writes 'Ed is going to have to show some leadership and courage'. What's holding Ed back from calling for a Citizen's Income? Might Ed 'Timidband' disprove the 'overcautious' summary of his first year as Labour leader with a policy roar that would out-trump Iain Duncan Smith's welfare reforms and identify Ed  M with every citizen? and help the ailing economy to boot?

In the book The Free Lunch - Fairness with Freedom the  Citizen's Income is called the Citizen's Royalty which gives the idea of a right to something that actually originates with the citizen. LINK:  Read the book and follow the reasoning.   
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