Friday, December 09, 2011

Prof Richard Werner, Lord Glasman, Anthony Thompson

Yesterday at St Paul's OccupyLSX
Richard Werner's subject was: 
The last successful invasion of Britain and how to win the country back
He went on to Hub Wesminster (NZ House) to speak at the Good Banking Forum run by the New Economics Foundation (nef), where

Lord Maurice Glasman gave a key speech. Snippets:

On modes of capitalism 
1 Promiscuous
2 Fidelity 
On the local banking theme & the real vs virtual worlds 
1. Places matter
2. People & relationships matter

Another speaker there was Anthony Thompson Chair of Metro Bank. This is the first new High Street bank in the UK for 150 years. In the USA 200 new banks start up each year. Guess what? It is difficult to raise capital for banks in the UK....

More on these events to follow.
posted by Charles Bazlinton    author  The Free Lunch - Fairness with Freedom

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