Sunday, November 13, 2011

Occupy London - Big Society in the making?

Strange how the challenge of the world-wide Occupy movement has got such a resonance with The Free Lunch - Fairness with Freedom . Look on page 129 of the book (read the page on-line on the link). Written in 2002 on New Labour's 'Big Tent' idea: 

This book proposes a different view. Instead of a 'big tent' providing for all the people, we need as many 'tents' as there are people...people need to be asked: How would you like to be empowered? As an individual? As a family? In a group?

Now 9 years later in a fascinating way the individual tents representing Occupiers have arrived there because they have reached the end of the road with the existing financial/economic system with its continuing unfairness. Something better is expected. The Free Lunch has the same theme.

The individuals that make up this movement - it is not traditional party politics - are acting in the free way that The Free Lunch would help make more possible.  The book is citizen-centred. Read about the Citizen's Royalty. Despite his recent denials David Cameron needs to look more carefully and see how the Big Society might actually be working out beside St Paul's Cathedral. Perhaps Labour is seeing it first and running with it? 

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