Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Understanding the money supply & its creation

In less than two days (on Thursday 29th September) the European Conference  on Banking and the Economy will open in the Guildhall, Winchester, Hampshire, UK. 

Will you be there? It will be a notable day. The crucial issue of who creates the money supply will be revealed and how the neglect of this subject has driven most western economies into the ground. The major creators of the money supply (commercial banks) have been given free rein  to work with this money as they feel led.

Can anyone believe this is a good idea now? Do the powers that apparently rule over us in financial and economic matters understand that the banks are superior powers to them, as they wield the power to create money in their own interests? Governments will always struggle to bring beneficial economic outcomes until they take this into account.  

Listen at the Labour party conference now and at the Conservative party conference next  week. Do they understand?

LINK to conference details: Come on Thursday to Winchester and start to understand.

Posted by Charles Bazlinton
Copies of The Free Lunch - Fairness with Freedom will be on sale at the conference. 

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