Friday, September 09, 2011

Can banking be made socially useful?

Will history see this Winchester Conference on Thursday 29 September as marking a turning point in the public understanding of the secrets of banking? 

The website for the European Conference on Banking and the Economy (ECOBATE) is now fully open.

Speakers are coming from many European countries, the Far East, Canada, the European Central Bank and other Central Banks. From the UK, HSBC is a main sponsor (Charles Haswell speaking) and Lord Adair Turner is the Keynote Speaker. Others include: Ex-Bank of England MPC founder member Professor Charles Goodhart; Professor Richard Werner, Chair in International Banking,  who is addressing key themes on what banking is really about  e.g: Banking and the Economy - Basic but little-known facts with far-reaching consequences. 

An unusual feature for a banking conference in the UK is that a local authority (Winchester City Council) is sponsoring it. There will be much of interest to small business owners  in the local banking theme that will feature.  Alex Templeton of the Farm Energy Project will speak on: Towards a Community Bank in Hampshire.  Tony Greenham of the New Economics Foundation (nef) on: Benefits to keeping spending local: findings of the LM3 project.

Professor Don Nutbeam, Vice-Chancellor, University of Southampton opens the conference at Winchester's Guildhall at 9.00am for the academic sessions. Richard Werner will introduce the free public session at 3.45pm. The conference ends at 7pm.

This international conference could ultimately affect the economic well-being of every local area anywhere. Register and be there! Registration is free (use the website) for the public from mid-afternoon which includes Lord Adair Turner's address.
Posted by Charles Bazlinton. Author: THE FREE LUNCH - Fairness with Freedom 
The book discusses matters that are now coming increasingly into the public arena, including the banking theme.  

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