Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Richard Werner on Banking & The Economy

Yesterday the interim report from the UK's Independent Commission on Banking headed by Sir John Vickers was published. 'More questions than answers' (Ed.) and 'banks get away with it again' (Philip Stephens) are two quotes from the FT today. Which probably suits the banks. 

The trouble is that banking appears to be a complex business and the Vickers report will tax even bright and wakeful non-banking folk who may have trouble keeping all the balls in the air such as: base ratio of equity to risk weighted assets; truly loss-absorbing debt'; Basel 111 baseline capital ratio', etc. 

What we ordinary bank users, mortgagers and budding entreprenuers need is someone to blow away the swirling jargon and reveal, through the smoke screen, what it all means in tems we can grasp.  We are pleased to re-launch the series of short video-interviews with Richard Werner Chair of International Banking at Southampton University, UK, with an apology for the delay in bringing the first video back to public view.  On You Tube, Richard Werner: Banking and The Economy  Professor Werner explains how banks have a pivotal function in the economy.

What he says may be new to you. You will gain insights that millions of other people may not have. In this series Dr Werner explains clearly everyday banking matters that affect all our lives. The interviews address matters which are key to the direction banking should take, particulary in the UK. Watch the YouTube channel.

Here's another link to it: YouTube Charles Bazlinton's Channel.

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