Monday, October 18, 2010

The Predator Culture - Fred Harrison

A new book by Fred Harrison The Predator Culture is another one of his to be read and re-read. This one comes from a more philosophical and moral point of view than his earlier work and comes over as a fresh  approach to the author's familiar subject. He likens the sickness of the body politic to a sufferer from trauma. Rent-seeking owners of land, the 'predators', need the subjugation of the 'producers' as 'outcasts' to be able to maintain their place in the hierarchy of power that is essential to sustain them. Enduring 'pauperisation' with accompanying injustice is inevitable. 

Several revealing international examples help illustrate the theme with Costa Rica as quite enlightened,  to Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan. To see a review click at Amazon here. To buy also click at Shepheard-Walwyn. A revealing book for anyone owning or trading property, in land development or associated occupations such as banking - anywhere in the world.  
posted by Charles Bazlinton

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