Monday, September 27, 2010

Monetary Reform - letter in The Times

They put a letter of mine in The Times (UK) on Saturday about the private monopoly of banking. Click on this to access. I made the case for fairness in banking like the fairness in games and sport (usually).  The letter  in full:  

Banking of Fairness
Rules are vital to the fairness of sport and games, to why can’t be apply them to banking, for example?

Sir, Michael Smith (“Cable focuses on business distortions”, letter, Sept 23) might gain insight from the underlying implication of fairness within the two letters on sport (“Football is religion” and “Caught out”, Sept 23). An essential character of sport and games is that rules are vital to a fair contest. However, in everyday working life there seem to be few such rules and the dice appear to be loaded.
For example, why is the banking monopoly allowed to be in private hands and for its players to be so advantaged that they seem to play a different game to the rest of us? If money creation were under democratic control, as notes and coins already are, it would begin to “serve the common good” by diverting those particular banking profits to the public purse.

Charles Bazlinton

The theme was taken from my book: The Free Lunch - Fairness with Freedom. For a copy of the book at the special price of £8** post free (usually £11) contact the e-mail address shown on the order page of the website (don't click to order through PayPal at that point) and your enquiry will be dealt with directly. Put ''£8 offer'' in your e-mail subject line.

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