Saturday, May 15, 2010

More to come from Vince Cable & his fellow Lib-Dems?

Who knows what political marvels will be  produced next? With the UK's brand new Lib-Con Coalition (don't reverse the names - it's not kind- or as optimistic as the mood still is even after 5 days), it is interesting to see where a main player such as Lib-Dem Vince Cable is coming from. He was highly respected in the long run-up to the election.  Any time a TV news bulletin included him speaking one stopped and listened carefully - and many people I mentioned this to, agreed.

With such a notable guru now in charge as Business Secretary (last week this was Lord Mandelson) it is interesting to note that in a  forward to a recent book The Case for a New People's Budget he backs the introduction of the use of land value for 'reducing the disparity between the rich and the poor'.  The book has insights on the effects on farming, business, utilities, poverty & welfare, and banking - with a practical route plan for achieving this enlightened reform.

The City is reported to be 'right to fear the arrival of Cable' - which is probably a good sign for all of the rest of us, on what he might be planning in his given role. But watch out for his, and other top Lib-Dems' influence on wider areas of policy such as taxation. It is probably a relief to the City that he is not at the Treasury, but look how far Lib-Dem leverage has got them in only one week. Read the book and prepare. Book available at above link.

Posted by Charles Bazlinton. 
(No financial interest in sales of the book mentioned, apart from a free review copy).    

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