Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Party manifestos or real insight? Try Fred Harrison's latest book : 2010 The Inquest

Party manifestos are rolling off the presses for the UK election. We are having the big 3 this week. Labour - the market has failed we need more government to sort it. Conservative - join the team and take responsibility yourself. (Lib-Dems', due later.) 

A quick glance shows that both Labour and Tory have features that are and are not according to Free Lunch principles. The market which involves unfettered banking built on privatised credit creation has manifestly failed and will continue to fail until credit creation is democratically monitored and managed. So far no party is going anywhere near this issue. The financial system will stagger on in decades ahead failing repeatedly, with the general public in hock to banks, paying interest and capital for common facilities when this need not be.  Labour's nanny-state tendencies make it fiddle around at the edges whilst neglecting this fundamental issue. The Conservatives want us to 'join the team', get stuck in and sort out our schools, start new schools, sort out the police, etc, etc. Good principles in theory. But when can we break up the bankers' team and capture for society the profits which are only available because the community enables them?  What the Tories need to be talking about is the ultimate 'joining the team' : Citizenisation. This would be the  real empowerment of citizens through such features as: fundamental reform of taxation, simplicity in welfare, entrepreneurial encouragement, eliminating the black economy and making offshore tax havens pointless...

Conservatives are promising a small tax allowance to all married couples, Labour are giving a Toddler Tax Credit  - all these are based on earnings and work. No one is yet talking of the true basis for citizenisation - the Citizen's Royalty (Citizen's Income) . A regular payment because you are a citizen. This is affordable and would take the place of the tax allowances and the  complex welfare system. 

AND...what you really need to get reading in this week of manifestos is Fred Harrison's: 2010 The Inquest. It is about to be released and I will be reviewing it shortly on this blog page. This book will give you more insight into real political issues than a multiplicity of manifestos.    

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