Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Free Lunch Trafalgar Square

Today thousands of meals are to given out free in Trafalgar Square. Get down quickly, the offer is limited to one day.

What about the concept of ‘Free Lunches’ for all? - that is, a regular income paid weekly or monthly? Cloud Cuckoo land? Absolutely not. Millions are being deprived of something that their hard work creates. The others are benefiting at their expense. Every office block owner and homeowner is also a landowner (ever seen a building not tethered to the ground?) and the value of that land over the decades keeps its value. Office and house prices (with their land) will recover and climb again. The land free lunch will continue to be served to the fortunate owners, but renters will lose out - twice. Firstly because they have no house/land ownership and no wealth gains; secondly because they are contributing to the general prosperity and facilities of the area they live in (through their work and tax contributions, etc), which goes to make any building anywhere have its particular ‘location value’.

Browse online the book The Free Lunch – Fairness with Freedom for more on this. The book advocates eventually scrapping income tax & vat and charging anyone with land on their free lunch value instead. And giving everyone a regular Citizen’s Income monthly. The scheme can be made workable even for the poorest homeowner. It would help sort out our over complex welfare system. Oh, and read about the free lunch that bankers are getting as they create the credit that we need as much as a water supply. Their free lunch needs taking into public ownership too and this transfer will actually cut the overall tax burden.

Enjoy your Trafalgar Square free lunch…and benefit for one day only. Read The Free Lunch and benefit long term.

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