Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Charities – cost reduction? extra fundraising?

Anyone involved in a charity in the UK needs to be aware that from next year all their phone lines will be charged an extra tax. This is to pay for a national investment in fast broadband. They will need extra fundraising to pay for the extra cost. But this new tax is not needed. Read this Blog for 21 July and 30 July and click on the Broadband Funding No 10 petition to sign up.

At present most of such government spending is achieved by raising taxes or by borrowing from banks. By signing up to the No. 10 petition you will be helping to draw attention to the alternative and economically sound way that the government could raise money. This will bring medium and long-term benefits to all of us and incidentally make the work of charities somewhat easier, through the reduction in need and in their tax burden. Why should we have to fund profits for banks when the government could produce some of its needed funds itself, debt-free? Or why should our taxes not be lowered when they could be? The eminent economist quoted on this site, Prof. Richard A. Werner of Southampton University in the UK, has long experience and great insight into what is needed economically in the financial mess the world is in.

I appeal to UK citizens and residents to sign up and pass this message on to your friends and contacts. Elsewhere, there are a few people working for such monetary reform in several countries and I suggest you find them on the web and pass their message on.

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