Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New No. 10 Downing Street e-petition

I have just had a petition posted on the No.10 website about creating money for expanding the broadband network rather than charging every landline phone user about £7 in an annual extra tax. Click here to access the No. 10 website.

This is about the government asking the Bank of England to create the money ‘out of thin air’ for beneficial investment purposes for society as a whole. It does not involve paying interest to bankers. It will not have to be paid back. For more info click on ‘More details’ at the end of the petition text. Then just sign up and join in - as long as you are a British citizen or resident. Are you willing to pay a new tax or have the new network installed at no charge to anyone?

Bankers create money ‘out of thin air’ all the time in normal circumstances and use it for their own profit and we now see where that has got us all. To use new money for public investment like fast broadband benefits us all.

The petition is open until January 2010.

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