Monday, January 28, 2008

Dear Gordon Brown…this is a scandal!

I have just launched a petition on the Prime Minister’s Number 10 Downing Street website. It asks him to get Local Authorities to make a register of empty homes in their area and then take steps to put the empty homes to use. The latest Housing Act gives Local Authorities powers to do this, but not much is being achieved. Meanwhile there is a nationwide planning policy review called the Local Development Framework which is forcing these authorities to identify green fields for new homes! Note: It is estimated that there are 870,000 empty homes, which is 4 year's supply.

Wouldn’t you have thought that a green-inclined government also wanting to help people have a decent home would force the empties into use first?

Help raise the profile of this issue by visiting the following link and signing up.

The debate needs to be joined on a massive scale and the Empty Homes Agency is fighting hard (see:

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