Saturday, September 22, 2007

National motto – Fairness with Freedom

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has suggested the UK needs a motto. What better than the sub-title of the book The Free Lunch: ‘Fairness with Freedom’?

The two ideals summarize the aims of all democracies. The last century or so has seen swings from the left and right of the political arena as each has taken its turn to guide policy. The left emphasizes fairness, but the attempts at state socialism evident in failed communist states show that fairness of itself is insufficient. Freedom is also an essential human need, but it too is not enough on its own, as the rich and powerful cannot be allowed to have free rein irrespective of others.

The book The Free Lunch suggests that mature democracies need to move to a more citizen-focused policy. The book works out how this might be done, beginning with a basic citizen’s income for everyone. Many groups world wide are seriously encouraging these ideas which are quite practical economically. Fairness and Freedom is an ancient tradition. Read the book to find out more:

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